Sae by PBL

for Sae by PBL Model: Joanna Kotjo Location: The Kotjos' at Pakubuwono


Hi! Saya Satria

Satria Motret is an appreciation that Gema Satria build for himself and people who support him. Photography has been his passion since 2003 when he got his vintage analog Nikon FM2 that used to belong to his dad. Since then he explore the world through the viewfinder and find that life and moment are two things inseparable.

The moment when you jump for joy on your graduation day. The time when you struggle getting people to know your new business. The moment when you say “Hello” until the time you say “I do”, the time beyond until god delivers your newborn babies.
…or even, when you walk to the office and find that life is so wonderful, or the bright beautiful stars in the sky when we’re trying to sleep. Couldn’t run out of things to capture.

He’s been intensifying his skill in photography with Benny Lim, Nicoline Patricia Malina, and Enche Tjin. He believes that capturing joyous moments in life will not only deliver delight and indulgence to you, but also gratifying for him. Hope then beyond we can also be friends. So thank you!